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An Electronic Corpus of 15th Century Castilian Cancionero Manuscripts

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Using this site

When you access the corpora you will find a number of sections:

  1. Indices listing authors, Dutton ID numbers and the first lines of poems (AW,PR).
  2. Descriptions of manuscripts by Dutton sigil with tables of contents (MM).
  3. Stemmata for the didactic poems with four or more witnesses (PR).
A complete list of items in each manuscript can be viewed in the Dutton editions, on the left side of the display. Items transcribed by Dutton, or not yet transcribed are in blue, while Severin-Maguire editions are displayed in red. The Severin-Maguire editions may be accessed directly by clicking on the red ID number.

You will also find that when you are working within the corpus of poetry you will be able to call up poems by Dutton ID number and Dutton MS sigil. The apparatus above each of the Severin/Maguire didactic poems enables you to access detailed information about significant variants versus spelling variation per word in every line of poetry, generated by the Collate programme. Or you can view the transcription of each text individually, with some digitalized images as well.

The Dutton courtly lyric corpus works on a slightly different methodology, showing each witness of the text and the variant readings for all witnesses in each line of poetry (just place the cursor on a line). To consult a different version of the text just click on the required witness at the top of the page.

To see a flash animation giving a brief overview of the Dutton corpus use this link

To see a flash animation giving a brief overview of the Severin-Maguire corpus use this link

Two caveats: to view the typeface Canterbury properly it is best to install the Junicode font on your PC or MAC. 

As the Collate project is available in MAC© version only, it is advisable to use Firefox (for MAC or PC) web browser for the best results, rather than Internet Explorer.
  • To download the latest Junicode font use this link and follow the instructions.
  • To download the latest version of FireFox use this link and follow the instructions.