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An Electronic Corpus of 15th Century Castilian Cancionero Manuscripts

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Use the links below to select the editions that you wish to view.
Please note:

  1. These corpora are best viewed in FireFox.
  2. Please ensure that you have the Junicode font installed on your computer.

Each manuscript that can be viewed via this site is identified using the Dutton manuscript sigil. These sigils are described in: "Brian Dutton, El cancionero del siglo XV, c1360-1520 Volume VII, pp. 659-69 (ISBN: 84-600-7417-X) and are electronically reproduced here

See Using these pages for more details.

Some of the manuscripts are also available to view as digital images. To access these images use this link.

Note: A global index of the editions available on this site is currently under construction.